Route through the beaches of Huelva

The Costa de la Luz draws on Huelva a beautiful line of natural ecosystems that intersperse the sea, Beaches, dunas, forests and elevated terrain and cities with an unbeatable offer of vacation services. The Atlantic Ocean bathes this coastline that sits between the mouths of the Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers along more than 120 miles of fine sand, smooth and golden. Both those who travel in search of rest and comfort, as those who move with a desire for discovery will find places and activities that will satisfy their needs for relaxation, of leisure, adventure.

  1. Matalascañas
  2. Maneli costs
  3. Torre del Loro
  4. The Parador de Mazagón
  5. Punta Umbría
  6. El Portil
  7. El Rompido
  8. Islantilla
  9. Punta del Moral
  10. Cinnamon Island


Located next to the Doñana National Park, which makes it even more interesting, the beach of Matalascañas (1) has become in recent years an important tourist center. It is equipped with magnificent services and infrastructures: fine golden sand beach, golf course, clinic, bike lane, summer cinema, pharmacy, city ​​and intercity buses, as well as hotel and leisure facilities.


Maneli costs (Almonte)

Kilometers of fine, golden sand where there is not a single rock. It is an untamed paradise with crystal clear waters in the heart of the Doñana Natural Park. To get to Maneli costs (2) You just have to drive to the municipality of Mazagón and take the A-494 road. It is a beach for which there is no specific restriction when accessing with animals. further, this beach is known for being one of the best beaches in Spain to practice nudism.

it costs maneli

Torre del Loro (Almonte)

It is one of the most charming and historic corners of this area. In him the call rises Torre del Loro (3), which owes its name to the river that it protected in times of Philip II. The semi-virgin beach of this part of the Huelva coast, next to the Doñana National Park, not easily accessible, but yes of a beauty that is worth contemplating, away from the madding crowd. Here you can spend time simply listening to the roar of the waves, the song of the seagulls or the water that gushes from the springs and cliffs that outline the place.

tower of theirs

The Parador (Mazagon)

He Parador de Mazagón (4) it is an area of ​​incomparable natural beauty. From its high part, surrounded by a dense pine forest, you can see the ocean accompanied by its virgin beaches. The culinary offer of the region is also very rich, both land and sea products. It is a unique place to spend long afternoons and admire wonderful sunsets in which the sun's rays bounce and flash in an infinity of colors.

parador de mazagon

Punta Umbría

Punta Umbría (5) It is the most urbanized beach in the area, the most frequented by bathers and therefore the ones with the best services available. It is famous for its miles and miles of coastline and its vast white sand beaches. Anchored between the Huelva estuary and the Atlantic, it is surrounded by the sea almost everywhere, forming a peninsula. It is divided into six zones with very different characteristics that go from the natural to the sporty, from the populated to the most intimate. Here it is difficult not to come across an offer that suits the tastes of any traveler.

tip umbria

El Portil and El Rompido

The beach of El Portil (6) It is surrounded by natural landscapes such as the Laguna del Portil Natural Reserve, the Enebrales Natural Park or the Odiel Marshes Natural Park. Next to her is El Rompido (7), fishing town that has two lighthouses (one of them nineteenth-century) very close to each other. One of the biggest attractions is the so-called Flecha del Rompido, one of the few moving landforms in Europe. further, It is a remarkable place for its hospitality and its leisure possibilities.

the portil

Islantilla (Isla Cristina)

Islantilla (8) It has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Andalusian coast. The sports par excellence in this area of ​​the Costa de la Luz are golf and nautical activities, since in addition to a field of 27 holes, It has two Sailing Schools located on the beach. Its fantastic climate promotes the practice, further, of cycling, el running, the tennis, the paddle, canoeing or kayaking, among other. Nearby is the Isla Cristina Marismas Natural Park, a wetland area with bird watching points.


Punta del Moral (Ayamonte)

Punta del Moral (9) It is a district southeast of Ayamonte (Huelva). It is a fishing district associated with a complex of great tourist interest with hotels and recreational areas.. It is an idyllic place to practice all kinds of nautical sports such as windsurfing, catamaran or kayak, especially interesting when the tide is out, as islands of sand are formed. It is a space that is quite quiet all year round, even in high season.

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Cinnamon Island (Cartaya)

Cinnamon Island (10) It is located at the end of the so-called Costa de la Luz, surrounded by countless places of interest for visits and excursions. It has seven kilometers of white sand beaches, Mall, front line hotels, golf course and marina. The natural marshes at the mouth of the Guadiana River are home to countless species of birds. The beauty of the place invites nature lovers to take walking tours, cycling, on horseback or in small boats, and to get lost in its labyrinths of pipes, channels and muddy plains.

cinnamon Island