Nun Orchard

Very careful restaurant belonging to the elegant hotel Convento Aracena. Letter divided into five areas (air, fire, Water, earth and 5th element) where dishes made with Iberian products like the secret shine, the prey and the sirloin.

Address: Jesus and Mary Street, 19, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
Phone: 959 12 68 99

Russes Gastrobar

A different concept to delve into the good cuisine that is practiced in the Huelva town is Russes Gastrobar. In the urban center, this place has experienced a mutation in recent years. It has gone from being one more bar in Aracena to becoming an interesting gastronomic proposal based on tapas made with quality local produce, where the Iberico, the vegetables and the vegetables have an important weight.

Address: Noria Street, 1, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
Phone: 694 49 73 22

Restaurant and tapas Jesús Carrión

Located in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena, Jesús Carrión Restaurante is an ideal place to enjoy a wide variety of dishes and tapas, made with local products, with international and innovative touches, and a careful wine list.

Slaughter, Iberian meats, 5J ham from Sanchez Romero, salads, croquettes… next to versioned dishes, like ajoblanco with scallop, risotto de boletus, tuna tataki with seaweed salad, duck foie. Homemade desserts and homemade walnut bread. Spanish wines of denominations settled next to Andalusian wines.

Address: Snow Pit Street, 35, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
Phone: 959 46 31 88

José Vicente

Traditional cuisine from Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, with special care in preserving the recipes inherited from generation to generation and a clear commitment to product quality. In José Vicente the Iberian meat menu, mushrooms, vegetables from our gardens and, of course, their famous Iberian ham, it is always the best choice to know the flavor of this Natural Park.

Address: Andalusia Avenue, 53. Aracena
Phone: 959 12 84 55

Casas Restaurant

Founded in the year 1947 by D.Manuel Casas Martínez, being the first restaurant to be opened in the province of Huelva. It has several honorable mentions, including a Bronze Plaque for tourist merit.. Casas offers quality traditional Andalusian cuisine; in Aracena all offer good ham but few restaurants enjoy the good reputation that this establishment has achieved with its long gastronomic tradition. The menu is varied and complete and specializes in good local products that it makes with care and in which the usual stews are mixed with Iberian meat and sausages.

Address: Snow Pit Street, 37
Phone: 959 12 80 44

Cosmo Restaurant

Thanks to the excellent raw materials of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, and the extraordinary coast of Huelva, this restaurant offers you a selection of dishes, combining traditional recipes with creative cuisine, in order to enjoy the five senses. By environment and gastronomy, this restaurant is a safe option to celebrate your lunches or dinners. The different rooms allow creating different spaces for each occasion. And for summer evenings and nights, We recommend the restaurant located in the main patio and terrace of this typical house, totally renovated.

Address: José Nogales Street, 17
Phone: 959 12 78 22

Montecruz restaurant

The Montecruz Restaurant is located in the heart of Aracena, right in front of the Cave of Wonders visitor center. This restaurant has long earned a well-deserved place in Andalusian cuisine. He is endorsed by a creative cuisine that has managed to take advantage without great pretensions but with mastery of the excellent raw materials of the Sierra de Huelva. Its cuisine based on traditional recipes has managed to give each bite new textures and flavors thanks to the passion and dedication for offering surprising and innovative results..

Address: San Pedro street, 36
Phone: 959 12 60 13


Posada El Camino (Almonaster la Real)

Posada el Camino is a classic style establishment that offers all the comforts of modern life. Surrounded by a natural environment, it is located in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena, at Almonaster la Real. Here the client can enjoy gastronomy and nature in its purest state. Of the first, offers mountain stews such as cheeks with potatoes, partridge, vegetables with ham and ham without vegetables. Regarding accommodation, the guest will be able to enjoy an unusual environment.

Address: Cortegana-Aracena road, kilometer 6,8. Almonaster la Real
Phone: 959 50 31 66

The Corner of Curro (Almonaster la Real)

The Corner of Curro, located in the Huelva municipality of Almonaster La Real, offers you a family restaurant, refined and modern design. El Rincón de Curro offers a spacious dining room with fireplace for meetings and family meals, as well as for weddings, communions, conventions and company meetings. It also has a magnificent terrace. Specialty in typical mountain cuisine and Iberian products.

Address: A-470, 11, 21350 Almonaster la Real, Huelva
Phone: 959 14 31 49

The Godfather (Alájar)

It offers a traditional cuisine made with seasonal products and regional products.. Some of their specialties are chard stalks, the dam the godfather and the loin with chestnuts. This local, with a great story between its walls, It is located in an old farm that was the home of the inquisitors of the region. In 1527 belonged to Benito Arias Montano; later it was the residence of Cardinal Cienfuegos and since 1984 it became the current restaurant where what was the cardinal's chapel is the current dining room.

Address: Miguel de Moya Square, 2. Alájar
Phone: 959 12 56 01

Mesón Restaurante El Corcho (Alájar)

This restaurant owes its name to the decoration made with elements of this material, It is located in the town hall square in the center of the Huelva town of Alájar. The Cork presents a traditional Andalusian quality cuisine working with excellent products, natural and seasonal, coming mainly from the area itself, which provides a careful preparation. Mushrooms stand out, Iberian pork meats, the lamb, the cured meats and the cheese. A long bar and a spacious dining room with rustic and typical decoration, a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere together with a cordial and attentive service complement the good gastronomic offer of the Mesón Restaurante El Corcho.

Address: Spain Square, 3
Phone: 959 12 57 79

Javier Restaurant (Corteconcepción)

Restaurant specialized in Iberian Sirloin made with oak firewood and Iberian pork products. Located in Corteconcepción, they have a large living room and terrace where they offer concerted menus for groups up to 100 diners. It is a good option if you want to eat good meat.

Address: Of. Juan Ramon Jimenez, 10
Phone: 959 12 01 84

Rosewood (Fig tree of the Sierra)

In the heart of Higuera de la Sierra, the diner will be pleasantly surprised with the egg crumbs, grilled Iberian pork with potatoes, pisto, homemade burgers, mushrooms, tomato soup ... a wide variety of dishes to which we must add, for example, the crispy flamenquin, fried aubergines with honey and beef tenderloin.

Address: Constitution Plaza. Fig tree of the Sierra
Phone: 959 19 63 93

Cinco Jotas Winery (Jabugo)

Tour the wineries in Jabugo and discover a production process of more than five years that has remained unchanged since 1879. Cinco Jotas offers the possibility of visiting the centennial wineries, to know first-hand the process of preparing the Treasury of Our Heritage.

Address: Line. Huelva – Badajoz s / n
Phone: 603 59 90 61

Muleteers (Linares de la Sierra)

Arrieros is a simple restaurant found in Linares de la Sierra. One of the most spectacular features of this town is its location, in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation. From the gastronomic point of view, Arrieros offers a cuisine based on Iberian acorn pork and its derivatives, the extensive variety of mushrooms that grow in the Sierra de Aracena and the fruits and vegetables from the orchards that surround this municipality. Scrambled, tomato soup, mini burgers and, something indispensable, his pole.

Address: Arrieros Street, 2. Linares de la Sierra
Phone: 959 46 37 17

The Balcony of Linares (Linares de la Sierra)

In Linares de la Sierra, a charming little town, this fantastic restaurant stands out. The views it offers make eating here more enjoyable.

In addition to the typical mountain food, there are varieties of croquettes. The treatment of the staff is fantastic.

Address: Real street, 4
Phone: 679 56 36 54

The Kiosk (Zufre)

Located in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, in your kitchen you can taste typical dishes such as cheeks with mushrooms and sauce, roast dressing with coriander, Iberico rice with mushrooms. In season they have a wide variety of grilled mushrooms, in sauce and scrambled. You can savor the grilled Iberian pork, veal and lamb..

Address: Paseo de Los Alcaldes s / n. Zufre
Phone: 959 19 82 26

Biarritz Restaurant (Fuenteheridos)

Located in Fuenteheridos, is the Biarritz restaurant, specialized in varied tapas made with seasonal products and of very good quality. In the Biarritz restaurant you can taste multiple tapas and on the menu you will have the option to choose from a wide variety of dishes, with a wonderful presentation. It is the ideal place for large group meetings, foods or family scenes, romantic dinners and hangouts with friends.

Address: Virgen de la Fuente Street, 26, 21292 Fuenteheridos, Huelva
Phone: 650 25 42 75

Pastries and confection

Rufino confectionery

House founded in 1875. The Aracena Confectionery since the 19th century with respect for an artisan tradition that is maintained in our days thanks to the sixth generation of this pastry family. The natural ingredients they use in making, selected for their particular properties, give rise to an exquisite pastry shop accredited by numerous references in gastronomic and tourist issues. Specialty in buds and flans.

Address: Constitution Street, 3, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
Phone: 959 12 81 21


La Molinilla Bakery

Artisan and quality breads. It is a bakery where customers have a buffet with different varieties of healthy breads.

Address: Constitution Street, 5
Phone: 622 41 36 65