Discover Aracena in 2 days

Aracena is a municipality that is to the north, in the mountains, from the province of Huelva, Spain. It surrounds the Natural Park and that makes it a favorite destination for hiking and discovering wonders in nature, hidden among holm oaks and cork oaks.

  1. Aracena Castle
    Address: Cerro del Castillo s / n, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
    Schedule: Every day from 11:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
    Phone: 663 93 78 77
  2. Priory Church of Our Lady of Greater Pain
    Address: Plazoleta Virgen del Mayor Dolor, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
    Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 16.00 a 18.30h
  3. The Grotto of Wonders
    Address: Snow Pit Street, s/n, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
    Contact: 663 93 78 76
  4. The Ham Museum
    Address: Gran Vía Street, S/N, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
    Contact: 663 93 78 70
  5. Arias Montano Park
    Address: Of. from Andalusia, 20, 21200 Aracena, Huelva

We start our route in the central part of the region, where we will put as the first location the famous Aracena Castle (1), old fortified enclosure at the time of the rise of Al-Andalus. Right next to it stands his Priory Church of Our Lady of Greater Pain (2), the oldest cult site in Aracena, Gothic-Mudejar style. Both deserve to be on the podium of the first visits of our trip.


After discovering these small relics from the 10th to 15th centuries of our history, We will continue ascending on the map through the Virgen del Mayor Pain square until we reach Calle Cruces, where we will move west, in search of a very special treasure, the Grotto of Wonders (3). It is a beautiful visit to some impressive caves that hide picturesque springs, all work of nature itself.

cave of wonders

When we finish contemplating these unbeatable views, We can continue further north along Calle Noria and delight our gastronomy by taking a guided tour of the Ham Museum (4). This delicious experience will show us the life cycle of Iberian pigs and learn more about the natural environment, accompanied by tastings to satisfy our appetite.

Once we get out, we will give free rein to take a walk through the municipality and go through some cute parks in the area, such as Arias Montano (5), where you can spend a pleasant time among trees.

  1. Aracena Trail- Linares de la Sierra
    Address: Of. Queen of angels, 65, 21200 Aracena, Huelva
  2. Linares de la Sierra
    Address: Of. Andalucia, 19-15, 21207 Linares de la Sierra, Huelva
  3. Encina Street (Plamencia Stream)
    Address: Encina Street, 21207 Linares de la Sierra, Huelva
  4. Road from Linares to Aracena
    Address: Road from Linares to Aracena, 21207 Linares de la Sierra, Huelva
  5. Molinilla Road
    Address: Camino de la Molinilla street, 21200 Aracena, Huelva

We will use our second and last day to make one of the attractions of Aracena: a path. We will be located precisely in the lowest part of the southwest of the municipality and we will begin a journey from Aracena to Linares de la Sierra (1).

To position ourselves, we will meet at the entrance of the Gruta de las Maravillas and from there we will begin a descent, all straight, through San Pedro street and we will continue along Reina de los Ángeles Avenue until the end. Finally we will arrive at the beginning of the trail, where we will prepare to leave immediately.

In this turn, approximately 3 hours of walk, we will soak up the nature of the mountains until we reach Linares de la Sierra (2), we will pass next to the Arroyo Plamencia on Encina street (3) and we will return along the Camino de Linares to Aracena (4), where we will surround the Rivera de las Molinillas. Our tour forms a perfect semicircle until reaching the Camino de Molinilla (5) where we will end at the beginning of the trail, and we will mark our end of the journey.